Deloitte report on the Socio-Economic Impact of Open ELS

This research, carried out by Deloitte and EuroGeographics, found that open geospatial data from official sources is opportunity to boost SME productivity and competitive advantage.

Open ELS Principles on presentation of data content on disputed territories

This document describes a proposal for a unified approach to presentation of geo information in the
areas struggling with different kinds of disputes over administrative or territorial competence regarding provision of authoritative data in the border areas between neighbouring countries.

Open ELS report NMCA survey on Open Data Policy in National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authorities

This document presents the results of the survey on Open Data Policy in NMCAs. The survey aimed to analyse national and European variations and interpretations of Open Data policies and obstacles for making data as open data available.

Toolbox for National Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registry Authorities (NMCAs)

The purpose of this toolbox is to provide a user-centric approach to help NMCAs in their journey towards open geospatial data and participation in pan-European infrastructures.

It presents:

  • The key steps for NMCAs willing to open their geo-spatial data at the national level,and participate in pan-European infrastructures (such as Open ELS)
  • The typical questions and challenges NMCAs face when embarking in this journey
  • The material and support NMCAs can rely on to overcome challenges, especially with respect to the measurement and monitoring of benefits.

The support material in this toolbox has been primarily developed in the context of the Open ELS project. However, material from other sources and projects has also been referenced when useful.