Next Generation of Spatial Data Infrastructure: Lessons from Linked Data implementations across Europe

This report demonstrates the capabilities of Linked Data technology in the context of Pan-European geospatial data provision. It is the result of a collaboration between the national mapping agencies of Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain and was delivered as part of the Open ELS task on APIs and Linked Data which developed technical approaches for making open data easier to use and more flexible through supplementing APIs and demonstrating the Linked data concept.

On-the-fly Edge-Matching Service (demonstration)

This work represents continuation of the actions taken in the area of edge-matching by previous projects, like European Spatial Data Infrastructure Network (ESDIN) and European Location Framework (ELF). The main result of the Open ELS Activity 2.5 is a software implementation of on-the-fly edge-matching functionality. It can be seen as an experimental data processing component to be potentially attached to a future platform.

Exploring opportunities for user defined visualization

The work described in this document has been carried out by the Open ELS Task 2.4 “Exploring opportunities for user defined visualization”. The task included two subtasks:

1. User defined visualization of WMTS (ELS Topographic Basemap),

2. Exploring vector tiles for National Mapping Agency authoritative topographic data.

The purpose of the task is to gain experience and propose possible ways forward to enable more flexible user defined visualization of geospatial data provided through web services