Aims, organisation and funding

What are European Location Services and what is the relationship with Open ELS ?

EuroGeographics facilitates access to official, authoritative geospatial data from its members, Europe’s National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities. We do this by producing pan-European products and by developing European Location Services. Both focus on enabling international cross-border applications that complement the national activities of our members.

European Location Services will provide a single access point to European geospatial data services from official national sources. The aim is to cover the whole of geographic Europe, not just the 28 current members of the European Union, to provide unique and powerful source of harmonised, authoritative geospatial information.

By embracing new methods of delivery, it will meet user and market needs to help tackle the important issues of today and tomorrow as well as critical applications required for public good. Find out more.

Open ELS and European Location Services

The Open ELS Project is a key part of the European Location Services transition programme. Data and activities delivered by the Project partners will be incorporated into the operational services and will be part of the European Location Services brand.