10 April 2018

Open ELS Open Data Policy and Licensing Workshop

Representatives from 21 NMCAs, NSAs and the research community met recently to learn about the open data policy and licensing framework for the Open ELS Project.

Helen Kaestner, European Location Services Transition Programme Manager welcome delegates to EuroGeographics Head Office with a presentation of the vision for European Location Services, of which the Open ELS Project is a key part. Her introduction was followed by an overview of the results from the recent survey on open data already available from official national sources across geographical Europe. The research, which concluded in November 2017, includes information from 46 institutions in 32 European countries.

Dominik Kopczewski, EuroGeographics Policy Development Manager then presented the proposed Open ELS Open Data Policy. The document describes the common vision and approach for the Open ELS project and defines the open data so that it is distinguished from datasets provided via other platforms and services. It also sets out the legal and licensing framework principles that will guide user access and reuse. The Open ELS Open Data Policy provides all participating NMCAs, as well as those considering joining the project in the future, with a clear understanding of how their data will be licensed through the Open ELS services.