The Project has delivered an Open ELS standard licensing framework for its test services.

The EuroGlobalMap web feature service has a separate licence which is available here.

Open ELS standard licensing framework

Key Features

You are free to:
  • copy, publish, distribute, re-use and share the Open ELS Data
  • adapt the Open ELS Data & Services
  • exploit the Open ELS Data commercially and non-commercially, for example by combining it with other information or inclusion within your own product or service
We ask you:
  • Attribution – you must acknowledge the source of the OpenELS Data by linking to any attribution statement specified by the Licensor/s and where possible a link to this licence.
  • No warranties are provided by this licence and the we do not guarantee its continued publication. See the full licence below for more information.

European Location Services (ELS) –
Open Use Licence v1.2 (31.10/2018)

By exercising the Licensed Rights granted, as defined here for the copyright and database right material, expressly made available under this licence, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the European Location Services – Open Use Licence v1.2 (‘Open ELS Licence’).

1. Licence Terms

1.1 Subject to the terms of this Open ELS Licence, the Licensor grants You a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to exercise the Licence Rights in the Open ELS Data to;
1.1.1 copy, publish, distribute, re-use and share the Open ELS Data
1.1.2 adapt the Open ELS Data
1.1.3 exploit the Open ELS Data commercially and non-commercially, for example by combining it with other information or inclusion within your own product or service

1.2 Where Exceptions and Limitations apply to your use of the Open ELS Data, this licence does not apply, and you are not required to comply with its terms and conditions

2. Licence Conditions

2.1 You must, where you exercise any of the Licence Rights above, acknowledge the source of the Open ELS Data in your product, application, any derivative, or adaptation. You must do this by including or linking to any attribution statement provided by the Licensor

2.2 If you share or redistribute, either commercially or non-commercially you must retain;
2.2.1 Identification of the creator(s) of the Open ELS Data in addition to the Licensor
2.2.2 Conditions as per 2.1
2.2.3 Notice that refers to this licence
2.2.4 Notice of warranty in this licence
2.2.5 An indication of any modifications or adaptations made to the Open ELS Data

2.3 This licence does not cover
2.3.1 Any personal data identified within the Open ELS Data*
2.3.2 Third party intellectual property rights the Licensor is not authorised to license
2.3.3 Patent or Trademark rights

3. Non-Endorsement

3.1 This licence does not grant you any right to use the Open ELS Data in a way
that suggests any official status or endorsement by either the creator or Licensor

4. Attribution

4.1 The Licensor’s statements and requirements for attribution as per clause 2
will be detailed within Open ELS product and service metadata, as well as on the Open ELS website. It is your responsibility to ensure you are compliant with these requirements when exercising the rights granted to you by clause 2

5. Disclaimer of Warranty & Liability

5.1 The Open ELS Data is provided ‘as is’ and the creator and/or Licensor
makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the Open ELS Data, whether express, implied, statutory, or other

5.2 To all extent, in no event will the creator and/or Licensor be liable to You for
any loss, costs, expenses or damages arising from your exercising the Licence Rights under this Open ELS Licence or use of Open ELS Data to the maximum extent permitted by law

5.3 The Licensor does not guarantee the continued supply of the Open ELS data

6. Other Terms

6.1 Any arrangements or agreements regarding the Open ELS Data not stated
in this licence are separate from and independent from the terms and conditions of this Open ELS Licence

6.2 No term or condition of this licence will be waived and no failure to comply
consented to unless expressly agreed to by the Licensor

7. Governing Law

7.1 The licence is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Licensor is based, unless otherwise specified

8. Definitions

8.1 In this licence the terms below have the following meanings:

‘Open ELS Data’ means the data product or service published by the Licensor that may constitute the intellectual property of one or more creators and is protected by copyright and database rights, offered for use under the terms of this licence

‘creator’ means the intellectual property owner, in the case of Open ELS data, to mean the national mapping and cadastral agencies signed up to the ELS

‘ELS’ means European Location Services, a set of geospatial products and services offered under licence by Eurogeographics

‘Licence Terms’ means the set of rights granted by this licence to you by the Licensor

‘Licensor’ means Eurogeographics AISBL with its registered address Rue du Nord, 76, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

‘You’ means the natural or legal person, or body of persons corporate or incorporate, acquiring rights in the OpenELS Data under this licence. ‘Your’ has a corresponding meaning in this licence.

* Except for data licensed under these terms, published by Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Effektivisering ( Data which can be aggregated to identify an individual is considered to be personal data in Denmark