The definition, specification and development of data products and web services with a strong user focus has been a key task for the Open ELS Project.

The team has worked closely with users to understand more about customer interest in, and requirements for, pan-European open data. This has involved user workshops, meetings and evaluation of early-stage services, in addition to collaborating with Joint Research Centre on researching requirements and use cases for gazetteer services as part of the ELISE programme.

The test services available via the customer interface are:

Open EuroGlobalMap Feature Service
EuroGlobalMap provides pan-European small scale topographic data covering 45 countries and territories. It contains five themes: Administrative Boundaries down to NUTS3 level and their administrative hierarchy; Water Network; Transport Networks; Settlements; and Named Locations. EuroGlobalMap is ideal for cartographic visualisation across Europe and enables a wide range of applications, including mobile mapping, demographic and socio-economic analysis, hydrology, energy and environment modelling, and education and research.

Open Regional Gazetteer Service
The Open Regional Gazetteer Service is an open gazetteer service providing authoritative multilingual geographical names (GN). It can be used for georeferencing or information purpose. The gazetteer is published as web feature service (WFS) and available in GeoPackage format on request. The gazetteer can be used by any application designed for name services. The Open Regional Gazetteer has the following properties: Gazetteer compliant with the INSPIRE GN specification; European coverage (pan-European); Regional level of detail (LoD) (medium scale); Based on existing EuroGeographics products; Open data. The Open Regional Gazetteer is also available in GeoPackage format on request.

Open Cadastral Index Map Service
The Open Cadastral Index Map provides a pre-styled representation of cadastral parcels with administrative units, addresses and buildings. It has “getfeatureinfo” enabled, to allow the user to find unique cadastral parcel references. As an index this allows other sources of data to be found using this unique reference (for example, in national land registration systems). The service is cascaded, which means the data provided is being supplied and maintained by EuroGeographics members, but is provided under a single access point and open data licence. The Open Cadastral Index Map currently covers seven countries and is ideal for land and property applications, such as the insurance or real estate market.

Demonstrations of open web feature test services for addresses and buildings.